Jeffree Star fans complain after finding 'sweaty' lipsticks in new Mystery Box

13 August 2019, 13:33 | Updated: 13 August 2019, 19:28

Jeffree's customer service team have explained that the 'sweat' is caused by the oil separating from the product due to the heat.

Another day, another issue with lipstick, so it seems. In case you missed all the drama, Jaclyn Hill was called out on social media back in June after customers received lipsticks that were 'contaminated' with hairs and bumps. She issued an apology, then issued an apology for that apology and then ended up deleting her Twitter and Instagram. She returned to YouTube at the end of July.

Two months later, Jeffree Star is now the focus of suspicious looking lipsticks after several pictures of his Jeffree Star Cosmetics lip collection started doing the rounds on Twitter.

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Jeffree is known for his meticulous attention to detail and high standard of quality control, so it's no surprise that his customers were shocked when they opened their Mystery Boxes to find their lipsticks... sweating?

Several fans have shared pictures of their new products on Twitter, showing the droplets that appear to be lurking under the lipstick cap. So far, the issue seems to be with a few of the lipsticks found in the Mystery Boxes - and there's a valid reason reason for it.

Unlike whatever was going on with Jaclyn Hill's 'hairy' lipsticks (she said it was due to the white cotton gloves and towels used in the factory), this issue with Jeffree's lipsticks doesn't appear to be that deep.

It turns out that the droplets on the lipsticks were due to the heat which basically caused the 'seed oil' within the product to separate, according to Jeffree's customer service team.

Customer @KnopeSara received a response from the team which read: "All of our products are stored in climate-controlled warehouses to ensure optimal performance in the formulas. When the lipsticks are transferred from temperature controlled storage and then shipped in extreme temperatures, the drastic change in climate may cause the formula to 'sweat."

"I can assure you that there is no defect in the product and this will not affect its performance."

It's not great, but it's an understandable explanation that can't be helped. Many people jumped to Jeffree's defence too, citing the same reasoning behind the droplets on the lipsticks.

Jeffree is yet to comment on the whole sitch. His customer service team are, however, issuing replacements to the customers who have complained. [H/T Cosmopolitan]