The girl who leaked Jeffree Star’s stolen concealers speaks out for the first time

12 April 2019, 12:05 | Updated: 12 April 2019, 12:08

Jeffree Star Stolen Makeup Vlog
Jeffree Star Stolen Makeup Vlog. Picture: Jeffree Star YouTube Channel

By Woodrow Whyte

She also reveals how she got the products after they were stolen from Jeffree's warehouse earlier this year.

Jeffree Star isn't having the best month. Last week the beauty mogul announced that the FBI were investigating a break in at his warehouse, where $2.5 million worth of unreleased Jeffree Star Cosmetics products had been stolen.

As we previously reported, in a YouTube video, Jeffree explained to his fans that he'd been working on one product, his Magic Star concealer, for a year before it was stolen. Soon after the break in, photos of the product leaked, and began popping up all over the internet.

Jeffree Star just dragged a company for selling his stolen makeup

The Magic Star concealer had in fact been put up for sale in a beauty group on Facebook. The person who posted the ad received a huge backlash from fans who were angry that she posted the goods before Jeffree had the chance to announce them (and, y'know, selling stolen products isn't exactly a cute look).

Now, the person who posted the ad has now spoken out for the first time.

According to Cosmo, the poster made a full apology on her now-deactivated Facebook and reveals how she came by the products in the first place via another seller on Facebook Marketplace.

"I really do truly love Jeffree Star & his products. [Which is] why when I saw them I was over the moon & wanted them. I figured everyone wanted them too but I was wrong. I didn’t think of the selfish act that would be to him, his team & his brand", she wrote.

"I’m so sorry for the post, I’m not sorry because I got caught because frankly I took it down before the show started but I’m sorry I took his moment. I’m sorry you guys saw them before he got to hype them up. I can assure everyone I had ABSOLUTELY no bad intentions. I was selfish & I didn’t consider his or anyone else’s feelings when I posted."

"I had found a post on Facebook Marketplace of a lady … I contacted her, I asked her if I buy a large amount would she give a discount & asked if they were authentic. She said yes, she gets them for a supplier in the warehouse who sent her PR kits & can send more," she explained. "She had blue blood & many more of his products but the fact she could get something not released was amazing to me."

Jeffree Star addressed the girl who posted in the beauty Facebook group in his original video about the robbery, saying she was apart of the problem.

"Makeup is a hot commodity and if I've never shown anything or talked about something and someone is holding it before me, you know it's wrong. That girl knew exactly what she was doing. She got in trouble and now she's trying to backtrack."

In other Jeffree news, a woman has gone viral after her Jeffree Star Cosmetics lipstick survived a horrific car crash.