Jeffree Star responds to Thomas Halbert's racism accusations in savage rant

15 October 2018, 11:25 | Updated: 16 October 2018, 16:44

Thomas Halbert / Jeffree Star
Picture: Instagram

By Chandni Sembhi

Jeffree Star exposed Thomas Halbert on Twitter, and WOW it's intense.

If you thought Jeffree Star was done having beef with everyone, you were WRONG. Why? Because Jeffree just got himself into even more drama thanks to YouTuber and beauty guru Thomas Halbert.

Thomas made a video on Friday (Oct 12), titled 'Racism, Sexism, and Silence'. He mentioned an unnamed friend, but implied that friend was Jeffree. He spent the video calling him out on his racist behaviour, and then spoke about how he shouldn't have stayed silent and turned a blind eye to the racism. He mentions an occasion when he went to Jeffree's house to squash the beef, but that the situation quickly turned sour, and then says people shouldn't be allowed to get away with being racist.

Then yesterday (Oct 14), Jeffree responded and all hell broke loose on Twitter. It started with Jeffree contemplating defending himself, and implying Thomas is a liar.

After that, Jeffree went HAM. You can read the thread below, but to summarise: Jeffree apparently has receipts on Thomas. He says that on the occasion Thomas talks about in the video, the two of them chatted about their problems, resolved them, and then Thomas asked Jeffree about drama and his ex-friends. Jeffree later found out Thomas was texting those ex-friends about what Jeffree was saying, stirring the pot within that group. When Jeffree called him out, Thomas said he was doing it to make MannyMUA, Laura Lee, and the rest of his ex-friends 'scared of him', and that he wasn't out to get him.

Jeffree then claims that just two weeks after their meeting, Thomas wanted to collaborate with Jeffree's KILLER MERCH brand, and wanted to film two collab videos - despite Thomas saying how much Jeffree's racist behaviour disgusts him. But clearly he didn't find it disgusting enough to cut him off...

After Jeffree revealed the receipts, he said that this whole situation isn't 'tea' or entertainment, it's his life. Then he tweeted this. This man cannot be stopped.

These were the last things Jeffree said on the matter.

Did you think this was over? WRONG AGAIN. Thomas has just issued an apology to his fans. He admits to being manipulative and immature, but stands by his claims about Jeffree, and claims that Jeffree is manipulating the situation to make him look bad, just like he did to MannyMUA and Laura Lee. Thomas also claimed that he was manipulated into disliking Manny by Jeffree.

He later goes into more detail about exactly what went down between him and Manny, saying Jeffree told him that Manny was getting brands not to work with Thomas.

He ends his response by posting the same picture as Jeffree did, but turning it on him, and then saying that this is the 'dumbest drama' he's ever been involved in.

What do you think about Jeffree's latest spat? Who do you believe?