Jeffree Star savagely clapped back at a fan and the internet is divided

1 March 2019, 12:56

By Jazmin Duribe

Drama? Jeffree Star? Never…

Jeffree Star is best known for his YouTube beef but he moved all the drama onto Twitter today. The makeup guru got into it with a fan who dared to promote his makeup page below Jeffree's post.

It all kicked off when Jeffree congratulated someone on bagging a job at Ulta Beauty, which stocks Jeffree Star Cosmetics' makeup collaboration with Morphe. But one fan – Keanu Balani – took the opportunity to shamelessly plug his makeup skills, which to be fair, are pretty impressive.

But Jeffree instantly clapped back, in only a way Jeffree would. "You don't need to whore yourself out on every single post…," he tweeted. "I'm congratulating someone on a job, why the fuck are you making this about you?? Bye." Whew, savage.

Jeffree Star and Keanu Balani.
Jeffree Star dragged a fan who tried to promote his makeup skills. Picture: Instagram@jeffreestar/Twitter/@keanubalani

Keanu replied and said: "Not a good feeling to be talked liked that by someone you've looked up to for years."

Jeffree then fired back. "Maybe you'll learn some respect now that someone was honest with you. I never had to use anyone to get to where I am. I was congratulating someone on achieving something and you made it about yourself… Can't relate."

Hurt, Keanu later reposted Jeffree's tweets, writing: "I have been a fan of @JeffreeStar for years. Spent hundreds of my own hard earned minimum wage dollars on his products. And to be humiliated in such a way doesn't feel good. I go to college, work, and do makeup. Just trying to make something out of myself. I am crying."

Jeffree has now deleted his tweets, but that didn't stop everyone on Twitter talking about it.

Some people thought Jeffree was way too harsh on Keanu.

...but others applauded him.

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