Jeffree Star is left fuming after an airline loses his $60,000 Birkin bag

4 July 2019, 14:04

Jeffree Star and his Hermes Birkin.
Jeffree Star and his Hermes Birkin. Picture: YouTube: Jeffree Star/Twitter:@JeffreeStar

By Jazmin Duribe


Travelling is always stressful business and usually something gets lost along the way. A toothbrush, a hair clip, or maybe a $60,000 Hermes Birkin bag. Okay, perhaps not the last one for us, but for Jeffree Star, absolutely.

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The YouTuber revealed that on his way back to the US after a trip to the UK, the airline lost his extremely expensive designer bag and honestly, we could have cried for him.

As you probably know, Jeffree loves his designer accessories. He keeps them all locked in a bulletproof vault with fingerprint and retina scanner access inside his home, but on this occasion he decided against keeping the rare ultraviolet Birkin somewhere safe.

The bag was packed inside one of seven suitcases owned by Jeffree and his team, and all of them went missing – yikes. Jeffree kept his fans updated about the whole fiasco on Twitter and it was an emotional journey.

Later, Jeffree received six of the seven bags he had lost and luckily one contained his precious Birkin. However, the last missing bag (which belonged to his boyfriend Nathan's brother Zachary Schwandt) contained makeup he'd bought from the UK that Jeffree planned to use it for a YouTube video.

"OH. MY. GOD. After four sleepless nights, six out of seven bags are finally home!!!" he tweeted. "Sadly, Zach's luggage still is lost and he had all of the UK makeup in his bag. I quit hahaha."

"No new video tomorrow since all of the makeup is still lost in Zach's bag. But at least there is a semi-happy ending so far."

The bag remained MIA until only a few hours ago, with Jeffree confirming he'd finally received his bag of Superdrug and Boots makeup on his Instagram Story.

Jeffree Star Instagram Story.
Jeffree Star Instagram Story. Picture: Instagram:@jeffreestar

Jeffree also shared a photo of him smiling with his Birkin in hand, locking it back in his secure vault.

He continued: "I can happily report that my ultraviolet Birkin bag is now safely in the vault!!!! Thank you @KLM for making sure it arrived safe."