Jeffree Star fans are being scammed by fake DMs on YouTube

25 January 2019, 16:04

youtube dm scam jeffree star
Picture: Instagram
Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend

Don't get fooled!

Many prominent YouTubers, including Jeffree Star, Tana Mongeau and have seemingly fallen victim to some kind of mass hack on YouTube.

Many viewers have received direct messages on YouTube, seemingly from the YouTubers, which all said the same message:

“Hi, thanks for commenting on my videos! I am selecting a random user from my subscriber list for a surprise gift and you have just won it!” It then asks you to click a link, which is most likely a virus of some kind.

Naturally, people were confused, and started tweeting to creators, asking if these messages were legit.

The official YouTube team reached out to Jeffree

The YouTube team started to tweet to creators directly, warning them that they were being imitated.

The team also thanked Philip DeFranco for reporting on the issue

Philip was, himself, a victim of the hack, and made a video letting viewers know what was happening.

Viewers reported the issue with lots of creators

There seems to be almost no end to the amount of creators who are being imitated as part of the scam. Social media has been flooded with fans, questioning whether the DM's that have received are real (spoiler alert: they ain't).

Even Twenty One Pilots seem to have been affected

Yep, it seems that if you are prominent and have a YouTube channel, you might be hacked.

In order to avoid getting scammed yourself, play things safe. If you get a DM out of nowhere from a famous YouTube account, don't open it. And DEFINITELY don't open any links you may be sent - that's good life advice in general, to be honest.