12 Reasons Why Your 20s Are Actually The Worst

3 December 2015, 15:27 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:12

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

The Queen of relatable strikes again.

The words 'life coach' and 'soul sister' come to mind whenever we watch Jenna Marbles as her consistently real videos spill the T on just how awful your 20's are. It's honestly disturbing how ill-prepared you were for taxes, relationships and making your own dentist appointments.

But don't worry everyone, we're all in this together as Jenna demonstrates how truly and totally hopeless we all are once we surpass the 'teenage' stage of our lives. Let's hope there's something special waiting for us at 30...


  • Your awful, annual family reunion when your relationship status becomes a trending topic. 

awkward things


  • Your continuing struggle for emotional connection drives you to irrational decision making. 

cat quits


  • You're in constant threat of being able to drink alone in your house without supervision. 

ex boyf


  • Your threshold for drama decreases significantly after high school. 

given fucks


  • You start to consider a healthier, more mature lifestyle. 



  • You make eye contact with a potential life partner for longer than 5 straight seconds and fall in love. 

lets bang


  • 'Me Time' takes on a whole new meaning when you tell your friends you can't go out that night. 

love food


  • You see another women with their life together and aren't overcome with jealousy, but an overwhelming sense of comradery. 

majestic girls


  • You pretend to reply to texts on your phone so you can avoid looking at strangers on the Tube. 

no friends


  • You meet someone new and immediately want to be their heterosexual life partner. 



  • No one tells you what isn't a good idea to spend your wages on, so you waste it on crap.

shield bag


  • People try to tell you to stop drinking coffee and watching re-runs of The Gilmore Girls.