Jenna Marbles' Dogs Just Had The Dream Wedding You'll Never Have

10 November 2016, 16:26 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:38

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

Of course Jenna did this.

Just in case you're all still dwelling in your post-Election emotions, Jenna Marbles is back again with another video to make your day about 1,000,000% better than you originally thought. After seeing the disastrous future of her country, Jenna decided to break out the sewing machine and make two of her dogs get married to each other... and it's freaking everything.

In addition to a Dan and Phil reference and multiple "tite, tite, tite" exclamations, the marriage of Peach and Kermit (who may or may not be distantly related) went off perfectly. One could go so far as to say that it was a dream wedding, as the bride and groom were in a picturesque setting, surrounded by all their friends and family, plus they were in perfectly tailored outfits. It's better than whatever garbage wedding you're ever going to have, that's for sure.

Oh and don't worry, Marbles was included in the ceremony having been selected as the role that actually marries the two dogs - he even had his own personal bow tie (Jenna decided against making Marbles a tux, so he "wouldn't take away" from Kermit's special day). After the outfits were made, Jenna and Julien knocked up a quick venue in their background so the ceremony could align perfectly with the sunset... and then they were good to go!

With Shan, Chris and even more sat in their seats waiting patiently, Peach and Kermit were led down the aisle before being read their vows. And then that was it... a dog wedding had officially been held on the Jenna Marbles YouTube channel. There wasn't much kissing, and we're still unclear about where the happy couple will be going for their honeymoon - but it certainly perked our day right the hell up!

We're happy to announce that we officially rate this wedding and all the dogs in attendance a 12 out of 10. Congrats to Peach and Kermit on their marriage!