This Drag Queen Just Recreated Jenna Marbles And It's Freakishly On Point

5 March 2018, 10:34

Alexis Stone
Alexis Stone. Picture: Instagram

By Josh Lee

A drag queen and makeup artist Alexis Stone has recreated the most freakishly accurate Jenna Marbles look, and you won't be able to look away when you see it.

Alexis, a British drag artist who has amassed over 500,000 Instagram followers thanks to his insanely life-like celebrity impersonations, shared his Jenna Marbles makeup look this weekend.

Firstly, here's Alexis out of drag

💉 @facesbyakj 💉 I just got home from having my cheek filler done. So unbelievably happy with them! Didn’t feel a thing and so affordable. Video coming soon 📹 Could’ve spent hours at @facesbyakj giggling and chatting! Can’t recommend them enough! 💕 💉 I’ve never received filler because I have viewed myself as unattractive or ugly. I have always wanted to experiment and enhance my features, the same as someone picking out trainers to last them the next 6 months I like to try out a slightly different facial structure. I feel as artists we are a lot happier when we can art direct our own faces as well as work, seeing my face is now my work and certain commitments and sacrifices have been made to improve the canvas that is my face. It’s my face, not yours. x

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Now take a look at his Jenna Marbles look below and prepared to be freaked tf out.

Jenna Marbles isn't the only YouTuber Alexis Stone has recreated.

As well as Jenna, Alexis has created stunning impressions of James Charles, Manny MUA, Trisha Paytas and Patrick Starrr, as well as others. Take a look at Alexis' awesome work below: