Jessie Paege Just Announced A Hot Topic Collab And The Merch Looks AMAZING

17 August 2018, 17:16 | Updated: 17 August 2018, 17:19

By Mia Collins

Jessie Paege's new Hot Topic collaboration
Jessie Paege's new Hot Topic collaboration. Picture: Hot Topic

YouTuber Jessie Paege, famous for her colourful hair and inspirational tweets, has just announced her long awaited merchandise release.

Jessie is collaborating with huge US retail chain Hot Topic for the release, where her merch will be sold alongside the likes of YouTube legends including Troye Sivan, Dan Howell and Phil Lester. She’s revealed five t-shirt designs, each encapsulating her motivational, band-obsessed aesthetic. Shirts boasting slogans such as ‘Support Singers AND Instrumentalists’, ‘Your Self Worth Is Not Based On The Opinions Of Others’ and ‘It’s Trash Can Not Trash Can’t’ will be available online and in-store from August 27th, and fans are PUMPED.

On top of the release, Jessie - who came out as bisexual this year - will be meeting LA fans in Hot Topic the day the merch drops. Details of the event have yet to be confirmed.

Jessie recently made headlines after coming out as bisexual in an emotional video series on her her YouTube channel. She talks about her fears of standing out and being individual in her merch announcement video, which you can watch here:

In the video, Jessie reveals her excitement at the release of her t-shirts and buttons, and hints that more items may be available in the future pending the success of the first line. She also expresses her gratitude towards Hot Topic for giving her the opportunity to collaborate, describing it as “home base after a battle”.