Jessie Paege leaves Twitter after a series of emotional tweets

23 October 2018, 16:47

Jessie Paege
Jessie Paege. Picture: Instagram

By Chandni Sembhi

Jessie Paege has announced she is taking a break from Twitter.

Twitter isn't always the kindest of places. Although you have all the memes and hilarious content, it's also a place for trolls to make people feel like crap. It looks like these trolls have got to YouTuber Jessie Paege. Last night she announced that she's going to be taking a break from Twitter.

Citing her being 'too sensitive' as a contributing factor, she said whenever she's unhappy, it's always because of Twitter.

In a series of tweets, she went on to explain that she was alone, scared, crying and shaking, and that her relapse has never been so bad (for those of you who don't already know, Jessie suffers from anxiety).

She came to the conclusion that maybe leaving Twitter for good would be the best solution to her feeling this way. She then thanked her fans for being so kind, and said she might eventually return to Twitter when she feels stronger.

This isn't the first time Jessie has been forced to leave Twitter. At the beginning of June this year, she took some time away from the site after people accused her of 'queerbaiting'.

They said she used the LGBTQ+ community to get retweets after she posted a photo as an 'LGBTQ+ Disney princess'. People assumed she was straight, and so decided to send her hate. In fact, Jessie is bisexual.

It sucks that Jessie feels like she has to take a break from Twitter, but we hope she's okay.