Jessie Paege posts emotional message after 'uber accident'

1 February 2019, 14:58

jessie paege uber crash
Picture: Instagram: Jessie Paege
Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend

Jessie tweeted that she'd be in "an uber accident"

Creator Jessie Paege has reassured fans that she is all right after she revealed that she had been involved in a car accident.

Jessie, who has over one and half million YouTube subscribers and nearly three hundred thousand followers on Twitter, shocked fans last night (31st Jan) when she tweeted simply:

"Holy crap I just got in an uber accident".

Not further details were given, but that message alone was enough to cause a stir among her fanbase. Things were made even more tense by the lack of any follow-up messages from Jessie.

Jessie didn't tweet again for another day, leaving many fans wondering what may have happened. Thankfully it appears that Jessie made it through the ordeal without serious consequences. She tweeted:

"i’m ok after my uber accident yesterday! it’s absolutely terrifying that being in the wrong place at the wrong time can forever change your life or the lives of the ones you love. I got so insanely unhappy just thinking about how I can’t always protect humans I love :("

People online were quick to show support for Jessie

We wish Jessie all the best after this difficult experience.