Jim Chapman appears to hint at a new romance on Instagram

10 May 2019, 17:15

jim chapman new girlfriend tanya burr instagram
Picture: Instagram: Jim Chapman

Fans are convinced Jim Chapman just hinted at a new romance on Instagram

Jim Chapman appears to be teasing a new romance in his life - or so fans think. A quick Instagram post has sparked intrigue about whether Jim may be dating again.

Jim was of course previously married to fellow creator Tanya Burr but in March they announced that they had mutually decided to part ways. Fans were obviously very sad about this, but the pair have remained on good terms since, despite calling the decision "painful" at the time.

The pair have continued to like each other's social media posts and even appear together in pictures, so it's clear that they meant what they said about continuing to be friends.

Now, Jim has caught fans' attention by posting a boomerang to his Instagram story that shows him holding hands with a mystery woman.

Who could it be? A new lady in his life? A female friend? Maybe some kind of ... ghost?! It's not clear right now.

jim chapman holding hands instagram
A still from Jim's boomerang. Picture: Instagram: Jim Chapman

This immediately got fans speculating.

It was later revealed that this IS in fact a new girlfriend for Jim. Her name is Sarah Tarleton and she's a model. OK! reports that the pair have been dating 'for a number of weeks.'

This boomerang seems to have been Jim's subtle (or not-so-subtle) way of beginning to break the news to his fans that he has a new woman in his life.

Sarah describes herself as an "Anglo-Indian Model. Bookworm" and Jim followed her on Instagram a little while back.

This news will no doubt be a little bittersweet for old school Jim and Tanya fans, but it's great to see him happy in a new romance. Best of luck to them both!