Can You Match Joe And Caspar's Answers In The Ultimate Halloween Quiz

21 October 2016, 11:43 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:45

joe and caspar halloween

By Hollie-Anne Brooks

Take the quiz then read our exclusive interview with Joe and Caspar where they reveal all about their friends and their Halloween plans!

We recently caught up with Joe Sugg and Caspar Lee who took some time out of their busy tour schedule to basically hang out with us. Because it's coming up to Halloween, we thought we'd get all spooky and quiz them both about everything from which YouTubers are the scariest to who is the best at pumpkin carving.

Joe and Caspar interview

Before we reveal Joe and Caspar's answers, we thought we'd give you guys a chance to take the quiz...

Read on for Caspar and Joe's hilarious answers and see how they compare to yours...
Who scares you the most- Oli White or Josh Pieters?
Caspar: Josh Pieters!
Joe: They both terrify us! I would say Oli scares me the most. Some of the things he comes out with, some of the things he does in life just scare me.
Caspar: He's a crazy guy, he's like a genius.
Joe: He goes into his own little world, he does stuff and he doesn't tell you doesn't tell you then acts all cool about it.
Caspar: Josh is also quite a nutcase.
Which YouTuber is most likely to haunt you- Alfie Deyes or Phil Lester?
Joe: I think Alfie would haunt me.
Caspar: I'm going to go with Phil, I feel like he gets more involved with the Halloween spirit. You can imagine him really getting into it.
Joe: I can imagine Phil would really love going around saying 'Oooohhhh!' - it would be the most polite haunting ever!
Who would you rather go trick or treating with- Tanya Burr or Lucy and Lydia?
Joe: Tanya Burr.
Caspar: I think Tanya would know the good houses to go to.
Joe: And she'd be hilarious, she's very scared of everything Halloween-y so she'd be so funny to take trick or treating.
Joe and Caspar interview
Who would win at apple bobbing- Jim Chapman or Zoe Sugg?
Joe: They've both got very small heads and small mouths... I think Jim.
Which YouTuber is most likely to dress up as a terrifying clown - PewDiePie or Evan Edinger?
Joe: I think PewDiePie.
Caspar: Yeah, even his Twitter profile isn't his photo so he clearly likes to dress up.
Joe: I'm surprised he hsn't done a video dressed up as a clown already.
Who is most likely to steal all the Halloween candy - Mark Ferris or Marcus Butler?
Caspar: Marcus wouldn't eat candy.
Joe: He wouldn't touch it unless it was organic 100% chocolate so I'd go for Mark Ferris.
Who would tell the best ghost story - Louise Pentland or Caspar Lee?
Both: Louise!
Joe: I think [Caspar] would get four words in then get bored and go and do something else. And Louise loves writing down a story, she does some big [Facebook] statues sometimes.
Would you rather be bitten by a vampire or bitten by a warewolf?
Joe: Vampire! Because I'd be more concerned about where the wolf has been outside but a vampire could be...
Caspar: Clean?
Joe and Caspar interview
Would you rather be haunted for the rest of your life or be a vampire for the rest of your life?
Both: Vampire!
 Who is the best at pumpkin carving - Joe or Zoe?
Joe: Me! Zoe's scared of knives. We did one the other day and I was surprised at how well mine turned out.
Do you go for a ~ sexy ~ costume, a scary costume or a cute costume?
Joe: Sexy, straight up!
Caspar: A funny costume so cute because cute is funny, isn't it?
Joe: A sexy cheerleader! Actually, I want to go as Eleven from Stranger Things this year with a blonde wig and a bleeding nose.
Who is most likely to get scared and cry like a baby - Conor or Jack Maynard?
Caspar: I think Conor's more in touch with his emotions.
Joe and Caspar interview
Who would make the best mummy - Jonathan Joly or Niomi Smart?
Joe: I think Jonathan because I would laugh more.
Would you rather be trapped in a terrifying maze or stuck in a lift with a ghost?
Joe: I think a life with a ghost because you don't know what's round the corner with a maze. You'd get used to [being in a lift] and the ghost could be friendly.
Would you rather eat so much candy you puke or never eat candy again?
Joe: Never get to eat candy again. I've got a huge sweetie drawer at home because [when we meet fans] people bring sweets and chocolate along and I have it all stored up in a cupboard but when Mikey [Pearce] comes round it goes down by half - he sees it and he attacks it. Whenever Conor, Jack, Oli, Josh... they all attack it.
Caspar: I'm scared of sugar.
What's scarier- losing 1 million subscribers or being tickled by rats?
Both: Losing a million subscribers!
Would you rather do a Hit The Road to a Haunted House or North Korea?
Caspar: I think a haunted house, I think North Korea would be too dangerous.
Joe: Are we even allowed to go there?!
Would you rather be alone in a haunted house for the rest of your life or have the grim reaper stalk you?
Joe: I would rather be alone in a haunted house. Wait, what am I talking about? Have you ever seen a film called 'It Follows'? It's about a person, you don't know where he is but he's constantly following you and slowly walking towards you at all times.
Caspar: Sometimes I don't know why Joe knows all these things, they're just stored in his little head.
What's scarier- being ghosted by someone you really like or being chased by a ghost?
Caspar: I kind of like being ghosted, it gets me more interested if someone stops responding to me.
Joe: I think I ahree.
Finally, would you rather snog a zombie or a skeleton?
Joe: A skeleton because I reckon a zombie would stink!
Caspar: And you could clean the skeleton.
joe and caspar interview

There you have it! Are you going to see Joe and Caspar on tour? Let us know!