Joe & Caspar Announced A UK Tour And Gave Us All The Details

7 July 2016, 19:00 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:18

We the Unicorns

By Liam Dryden

After two weeks of travelling across the United States, we chatted with Joe & Caspar about the release of their next feature-length adventure 'Hit The Road USA'!

Ever since Joe & Caspar announced an American follow-up to their 'Hit The Road' adventure, we've been excited to learn more. And finally, after about two weeks of travelling, the boys are ready to reveal not just the release date of 'Hit The Road USA'... but news of an accompanying UK tour!!

Joe & Caspar will be touring the UK at the end of October, to celebrate the upcoming November 21st release of 'Joe & Caspar Hit The Road USA'. They announced all of this and more in a celebratory livestream from the YouTube Space LA; but we got a chance to chat to them about their adventures across the US a little early. Here's what they had to say...

The last time you 'Hit The Road' you were bouncing around a bunch of different places in Europe. What can we expect to see that’s different in the US?

C: People here speak a lot more English! Which makes it easier when we’re meeting people for the first time, and obviously it’s all improvised. Also, they’re very confident people on camera!

J: Yeah, a lot of people we met on this trip could easily have their own spinoff show about them! The were real characters, so it’s a lot better in that sense. They see a camera and think “this is my moment”, and really go for it.

C: People generally are just characters here!

If you weren’t making a living as YouTube sensations, which of your 'Hit The Road' jobs would you like to be doing the most?

C: This trip was more about the travelling than jobs, but one of the things we did was spend some time on a ranch. I would love to be a cowboy!

J: That whole way of life is so different, you’re almost sheltered from reality. It was nice to completely forget about everything you’re doing in the real world, it felt like we were living that kind of life. It was fun!

joe & caspar hit the road usa

Where in the world would you like to go next? Is the plan to 'Hit The Entire Road'?

C: Where would you like to go next, Joe?

J: I’ve always been massively keen on Australia, they’ve always been supporters of Hit The Road. It’s so different in that part of the world; so I’d love to go “down under” to Australia, New Zealand, Tasmania, all of it.

If you could travel with anyone except from each other, who would they be?

C: I don’t think I could pick anyone else; Joe’s the perfect travel companion!

J: I think we’re well-seasoned travellers now throughout this; coming back to film the second one, we had the exact same crew, and it was just like being reunited with old mates!

joe & caspar hit the road usa

Without any spoilers, where was the weirdest place you went?

C: There was a place in LA we went; I won’t give anything away, but there’s some weird people in Los Angeles. They’re cool, but different!

J: There were also a few places we went to that felt like going through a time warp; we were walking through a place and it felt like being back in 2003. It just hadn’t changed! The fashion sense, the decorations, it was all very early 2000’s - proper throwback!

Can you sum up 'Joe & Caspar Hit The Road USA' in five words?

C: “Big"… "Gluttonous" (because all the food)…

J: “Bowels” (you’ll find out why), “Forfeit”… and “Tomfoolery”!

'Joe & Caspar Hit The Road USA' will be released November 21st, and they will be touring the UK from October 23rd-30th. You can find out more info at; and watch below for some exclusive footage be revealed at their celebratory wrap party, live from the YouTube Space LA!