If You Love Joe Sugg Then You NEED To Check These YouTubers Out

20 June 2016, 11:09 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:42

We the Unicorns

By Gemma Bentley

Your sub box will be feeling fresh after this

Here at We The Unicorns, we're always looking to share some brand new YouTubers with you and this week we've got a little sub box update for all you Joe Sugg fans out there. We have picked some of the top up and coming male YouTubers that we think you will love. From those just starting out to some familiar names, we reckon you're going to love this lot...

Adrian Bliss 74,157 subscribers 

This witty brit is king of the 'anti vloggers'. Along with creating beautifully shot vlogs he has is not afraid to poke fun of the concept of daily vlogging and the Internet community. Just like Joe Sugg this guys is cheeky and doesn't mind laughing at himself.


Jake Boys 293,000 subscribers 

Another cute British boy, plus he is going out with our ultimate girl crush Emily Canham. Jake does a mixture of challenge videos, pranks and a good old school sit down videos talking about funny experiences.


Marek Larwood 3067 subscribers

Marek may be a bit of a wild card and he doesn't have the same adorable smile as Joe but he does have an incredible sense of humour. Marek has appeared on BBC3 and was part of comedy group We Are Klang. Now Marek is embarking on understanding the concept of vlogging giving a realistic view of London and life as man in his forties.


Sean Elliott 292,000 subscribers

If you haven't already heard Poppy Deyes (sister of Alfie) boyfriend has started a YouTube channel. He has only uploaded five videos so far but he is clearly a big hit in the community. Sean vlogs days out with Alfie, Zoe and Poppy around Brighton and cute everyday moments.


Jairwoo 287,000 subscribers 

Style vlogger Jairwoo is all about being fashionable yet comfortable. America's answer to Jim Chapman Jairwoo creates hair tutorials, lookbooks and favourite videos.


Josh Pieters 423,000 subscribers 

Josh is mates with everyone worth knowing on YouTube, from Joe, Caspar, Oli White and Conor Maynard. Not only do all of his mates appear on his channel but it is full of pranks, challenges and cool vlogs. Defiantly one worth checking out.


Who are your favourite up and coming YouTubers to watch? We love discovering new channels to binge watch.

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