Joe Sugg Reveals How Severe Acne Dented His Confidence For Years

30 January 2018, 11:40

Joe Sugg acne video
Joe Sugg acne video. Picture: YouTube
Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend

Joe Sugg stepped out of his comfort zone with an honest, non-comedic new video

"Bit of a switch up on the ol' content this week everyone", Joe Sugg writes in the description of his new video. "I've decided to talk a bit about my skin story and hopefully it will help some of you who may be affected by acne."

In the next 30 minutes Joe opens up about his own struggles with acne and how it has affected him. "It's very, very rare to have perfect skin." He says, before discussing the issues he had with his skin. "I tried everything" He says, going on to add that he even asked his sister (who is actually also a YouTuber, who knew?) to help him cover up his skin with makeup.

Joe says that starting his job as a roof thatcher caused his skin to get worse, something he attributes to his personal hygiene not being good enough and his stress levels at the time.

Joe also reveals that he never watches his videos back, and he says an underlying reason for that is that he used to hate watching his older videos because he could never focus on anything but his acne. Joe also says that following Katie Snooks' own experience with skin issues was a source of inspiration for him.

He offers support for others who may be having issues with their skin and says he understands their frustrations.

Joe says that there is no need to worry and that he is "happy, very happy in fact." He says that his clearer skin is as a result of lower stress and getting professional help from a skin therapist.

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