Joe Sugg gave himself a makeover with Zoe's new makeup collection

28 February 2019, 15:26

joe sugg zoe sugg colourpop makeup collection makeover
Picture: YouTube: Joe Sugg
Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend

"Adorable little palette right here"

Joe Sugg has released a new video in which he gives himself a makeover using his sister Zoe's new make up collection - and he does a pretty good job!

Zoe Sugg recently announced a new makeup collection which she has developed with ColourPop. The collection is themed around brunch and features a jazzy 70s theme. Zoe broke the news on Instagram, much to the delight of her fans.

Joe dives right in and starts to experiment with the collection.

"I had an idea, why don't I try and apply this to my face and give it a bit of a review". He says. He dives straight in to the bag saying, "I feel like Charlie Bucket when he opens the Golden Ticket".

Colour names apparently include: "brunch club", "skinny latte", "cinnamon sugar" and "sundae funday".

Joe then Facetimed Zoe to get her opinions on his look. She gave the lewk "a solid 7.5", which Joe seemed pretty happy with.

She was also impressed by the fact that Joe seemed to have used every bit of makeup in the bag, in order to cover his face as much as possible. Joe said he had to do this in order to properly review the collection.

joe sugg zoella makeup collection
Joe's finished look. Picture: YouTube: Joe Sugg

Joe has recently been in the news due to his whirlwind romance with his new girlfriend and former dance partner Dianne Buswell.

The pair went on a lovely double date to the beach with Zoe and her longtime boyfriend Alfie Deyes, which frankly gave us serious fomo.