Joe Sugg Just Dropped A BIG Hint That He’s Releasing New Music Very Soon

29 August 2018, 11:30 | Updated: 29 August 2018, 11:32

Joe Sugg
Joe Sugg. Picture: Getty / ThatcherJoe

By Callum Ison

Joe took to Instagram stories last night to post a 5-day countdown for his next video.

Following cryptic tweets which teased a “really special” surprise next week, fans are speculating that Joe Sugg is about to release his first single.

Joe took to Instagram stories last night (Aug 28) to post a 5-day countdown for his next video. In the post, Joe can be seen singing into a studio microphone while sporting some rockstar inspired shades, which has lead many to believe that Joe is set to release his long-hinted at first single, coinciding with his upcoming appearance on Strictly Come Dancing.


The video has got a lot of people excited as Joe has been teasing a possible musical career for nearly a year and there is A LOT of curiosity around what the music will sound like.

^I mean, imagine.

But, what do we already know about the song?

Is it a solo release?

At the moment, it is unclear. Joe Sugg and his roommate Byron Langley have been working on the song together so it could be the start of another ‘Youtube Boyband’. But the rumours are he is going properly solo, using the exposure that will come with being on Strictly to help launch his new career.

What is the song called?

It is not yet confirmed what the song is called, but a lot of speculation titles the song “Wild Things” due to a video that made its way round the internet earlier this year.

Who is producing the song?

Sugg’s musical friend Conor Maynard seems to have been heavily involved with the track and has been helping Joe along the musical road.

Can we hear any snippets?

Yes! Here:

And this:

When will the song be released?

The YouTube star originally wanted to release the song in 2018, so it looks like that might happen this Friday after his Instagram tease. Otherwise, he might wait until after his time on Strictly, meaning a 2019 release date.