Joe Sugg's Gran Just Lowkey Dragged His Dancing Ability

22 August 2018, 11:29 | Updated: 22 August 2018, 11:31

Joe Sugg
Joe Sugg. Picture: Sugg Life

By Josh Lee

With just a few weeks until he makes his dance floor debut on "Strictly Come Dancing," Joe Sugg's gran has given her thoughts on the YouTuber's chances - and it doesn't sound too great.

According to The Mirror, Joe's gran, Phyllis Sugg, said that the vlogger has never been famed for his moves.

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"He was quite sporty and flexible in school but ask him to dance and he wouldn’t be too keen,” she said, before adding that she's "not sure how far he can go in the competition.

“He’s never been one for dancing so this will be something completely new for him.”

When it was first announced that Joe would be on "Strictly Come Dancing" he gushed about how excited his gran would be, saying,"I’m writing this statement whilst on the way to surprise my grandparents with the news. They are going to be so happy which will definitely make up for any embarrassment or cringe caused by my questionable rhythm.”

Despite the harsh words regarding his dancing talent, we know Phyllis is Team Joe through and through, really.