Joe Sugg Faces Backlash After 'Overrated' Strictly Come Dancing Score

1 October 2018, 17:06

Joe Sugg on Strictly Come Dancing
Picture: Getty Images/ Strictly Come Dancing

By Chandni Sembhi

Joe Sugg's performance on Saturday night sparked backlash as people thought his Charleston was overrated.

One of the most popular British vloggers, Joe Sugg, has received some backlash for his high scores on BBC's popular dance show, Strictly Come Dancing.

On the second weekend of this series, Joe and his partner, Dianne Buswell, were probably over the moon when they received a score of 31 out of a potential 40 from the judges for his Charleston to the annoying classic 'Cotton Eye Joe' on Saturday night. It's the highest score awarded on the season so far. Judges said the pair and their dance was 'charming', 'energetic', and 'inspired', and on Sunday's show, they did well enough to survive another week. However, the internet didn't agree with the judges high scoring, and so took to Twitter to voice their opinions.

Joe wasn't bad AT ALL, but the general consensus was that maybe the dance would have been better from someone with a little more experience, and that although he was a decent dancer, 31 was way too high a score. Ouch.

Despite all of this, obviously, Joe still has his stans who are HERE TO DEFEND HIM!

Watch the dance below! What do you think, are people being too harsh? Let us know.