Joe Sugg Is Rumoured To Be Joining 'Strictly Come Dancing' Line Up

10 August 2018, 12:08

Joe Sugg
Picture: @joesugg

By We The Unicorns


Prepare to see a lot more sequins on Joe Sugg's YouTube channel as he's allegedly signed up to appear on reality show Strictly Come Dancing, according to The Metro.

The BBC show is one of the most watched shows in the UK. Each week, celebrities and their professional dancing partners battle it out in various dance styles to be crowned the Strictly champion. As far as we're aware, Joe would be the first YouTuber to appear on the show.

According to a Metro source who is close to the show, Joe is keen to launch himself "into the mainstream". They said: "Joe has done extremely well for himself on YouTube and after a lot of negotiation he’s agreed to give Strictly a go. He thinks this will be a good launch pad to go."

It's not just Joe they're after. Apparently, if Joe signs up to the show, they're banking on his sister, Zoe Sugg, and her boyfriend, Alfie Deyes, to be in the audience each week to cheer on Joe, giving the viewing figures an extra boost as all three of their fandoms will tune in to get a glimpse of their faves. "Zoe, Alfie and the rest of his YouTube friends are going to be there supporting him in the audience every week – even if he’s not the best dancer his fanbase is a force to be reckoned with," the insider reportedly said.

Now, as much as we'd love to see Joe covered head-to-toe in sequins, rocking a pair of killer heels, we do think this is a little far-fetched. I mean, can you imagine him doing the pasa doble or the cha cha each week?