Some People Weren't Happy With Joe Sugg's 'Strictly Come Dancing' Entrance

10 September 2018, 12:30

Joe Sugg
Picture: BBC / Getty

By We The Unicorns

Joe Sugg was paired up with dancer Dianne Buswell on Saturday night but some fans of the show aren't happy.

Joe Sugg made his debut on Strictly Come Dancing this weekend but some fans of the TV show were not happy with his introduction, and it's so frustrating you'll probably throw your phone in the sea after reading this article.

As we've mentioned before, some fans of the dancing show weren't happy with Joe joining the cast. He's the first YouTuber to feature on the show but, despite having millions of followers online and working for years to build a loyal following, he still isn't considered a legitimate contestant for the show by some people.

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On Saturday night (Sept 8), Joe and his fellow celebrities were paired up with the professional dancers. Joe ended up with Dianne Buswell, who looked positively thrilled with her new dance partner.


But when Joe was introduced as a 'social media star', fans on the show tweeted out their confusion at Joe's career description, with many people saying that they didn't think 'social media star' was a legit thing or worthy of being on the show.

Ok then.

Some Joe Sugg fans were annoyed they didn't describe him as a 'YouTuber'.


Here's the thing: social media stars/YouTubers/influencers - whatever you want to call them - have been around for literally over a decade. It's a very established thing now. If you don't watch their videos or follow them on social media, that's absolutely fine, but that doesn't mean he doesn't have every right to be on a reality show like Strictly. His profile is huge in comparison to some of the other contestants.

Let's hope the small minority of naysayers get over it and Joe wins them over with his dancing skills. He will take to the floor with Dianne for the first time next week and we literally can't wait.

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