Joe Sugg Secretly Trolled The 'Strictly Come Dancing' Audience On Live TV

22 September 2018, 19:42 | Updated: 22 September 2018, 20:00

Joe Sugg Strictly Come Dancing
Joe Sugg Strictly Come Dancing. Picture: Getty / BBC

By Woodrow Whyte

Joe Sugg did The Circle in front of millions of people on live TV.

It took all of 5 minutes for Joe Sugg to start trolling the Strictly Come Dancing viewers during the first show of the season (Sept 22).

Joe is the first YouTuber to take part in the show and has been a controversial choice for many who believe 'social media stars' shouldn't be on the show.

Not that Joe seemed to care. During the the interview segments with host Claudia Winkleman after the dancers performed , Joe made a cheeky circle gesture with his hand and then continued to do it throughout the show.

For those not in the know, the gesture is a reference to the circle game, where you make a circle with your hand below your waist to get another person to look at it. If the other person looks at it, you punch them in the arm. Great fun.

At first, Joe made the circle while contestant Danny John-Jules was being interviewed.


And he did it at least one more time later in the show.

What is he like!

Strictly fans were split into two camps: those who knew what was happening and those who were VERY confused.

What a legend.