Joey Graceffa Cancels Tour In An Emotional Video About His Health

20 September 2018, 11:42

joey graceffa cancel tour health problems
Picture: YouTube: Joey Graceffa
Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend

The YouTuber seemed visibly unwell as he announced that his new tour would not be happening.

Joey Graceffa has posted an emotional video in which he announced that he is cancelling his upcoming tour due to persistent illness.

Joey appears to be visibly unwell in the video, with swollen lips and a bandaid over his nose. He tells his viewers that he's "not doing so well... it's painful to talk".

He says: "I have a lot of issues going on with my health right now and this has been a reuccuring issue of mine." But he says he's "got to the bottom of why this keeps happening" and says that it is because "stress and anxiety" is "suppressing (his) immune system".

It is then that he announces that he will not be proceeding with his previously planned tour: "My body right now just can't handle that without me getting sick again".

Joey says that is "painful" to have to cancel a tour that he knows his fans were excited for, but he says he must put his health first.

Fans were quick to comfort Joey - and no one seemed annoyed that he had cancelled the tour.

The comments on the video were filled with sympathetic sentiments like "Joey cancel whatever you want. Focus in you. We don't care as long as your okay. Love ya." And "No. Dont apologize for canceling the show! Just get better and we'll all be with you. Ur health comes first!"

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It is not surprising that Joey is feeling a little burned out, the YouTuber seems to never stop working. Earlier this year he found great success with season 3 of his YouTube Red show 'Escape The Night' and he has a brand new book called 'Rebels Of Eden' coming out on the 2nd of October.