Escape The Night Season Four: cast members, release date and everything you need to know

12 June 2019, 17:16 | Updated: 12 June 2019, 17:36

Tana Mongeau / Joey Graceffa
Tana Mongeau / Joey Graceffa. Picture: Instagram: @tanamongeau / Escape The Night

By Staff

Escape The Night is back for a fourth season with an all star cast.

‘Escape The Night All Stars’ has just announced its cast for its latest season and it’s safe to say, we’re pretty excited.

The fourth season of the YouTube original show hosted by Joey Graceffa will see some of the best cast members from the show’s previous three seasons brought back to take part in the show’s murder mystery adventure.

Tana Mongeau has been announced as the latest addition to the cast, alongside Justine Ezark, Destorm Power, Timothy DeLaGhetto and more.

Previous shows have seen a cast of YouTubers transported back to the 1920s dinner party, a Victorian ball and a carnival in the 1970s, but this year’s season has definite Jumanji-type vibes judging by the trailer:

So, when does Season Four start?

Season four starts on 11th July and will run for ten episodes.

Who are the cast members of Escape The Night All Stars?

All Stars will feature nine cast members taken from across the previous three seasons of the show. Here's who's been announced so far.

Joey Graceffa as ‘The Savant’

Joey Graceffa is, of course, back in the series, playing the role of 'The Savant' - the same character he has played since season one.

Tana Mongeau as The Pin-Up Girl

Tana first appeared in season 2 of the show and will return to this year’s adventure as The Pin-Up Girl.

Justine Ezark as The Adventurer

First appearing in season 1 of the show, Justine Ezark (AKA iJustine) is back to try and have her go at winning this year’s murder mystery adventure.

Destorm Power as The Enforcer

Destorm Power returns to this season as The Enforcer after previously being eliminated in episode 4 of season 2.

Timothy DeLaGhetto as The Con Man

Timothy originally joined the cast for Season 1 but returns this year as The Con Man for season four.

Alex Wasabi as The Aviator

Alex made it all the way through to episode nine in season 2 of Escape The Night. Can he win the main prize this time around?

Rosana Pansino as The Socialite

Famous for her YouTube baking shows, Rosana managed to through to episode eight of the last season of Escape The Night and is back to try again for the top prize as The Socialite.

There’s still a few more cast members to be announced as well - so stay tuned!