Is This DRUG PRANK Fair On Teenagers?

7 April 2016, 15:16 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:15

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By Hollie-Anne Brooks

This social experiment video was showed to their PARENTS.

Joey Salads latest prank video has been causing a LOT of discussion across the Internet lately. And we can see exactly why. Joey's latest experiment reveals a lot about teen culture today and has had us really questioning what exactly we'd do in that situation. Let us fill you in. Salads devised a plan to see if teens would give into peer pressure when it came to drugs. Using his fourteen year old sister Sam, he asked her to encourage her friends to smoke weed to see if they would give into peer pressure or back away.

It's a situation thousands of people of all ages face every day and Salads' social experiment aimed to show the pressures on teens to fit in and the extent of things they'll do in order to not be left out. Salads enlisted the help of the girls' parents who fully gave their permission for the video.

What happened next will shock you.

joey salads

After being offered the drug, Sam's friend initially rebuffed the idea and reiterated how bad weed is. After being pressured further, the girls gave into peer pressure and agreed to smoke a "joint" with Sam. Just as Sam is about to light up the fake joint, Joey jumps out the car and stops the entire situation, explaining to the girls that they were being filmed for a social experiment video.

Next up, Sam approached one of her male friends with the same offer. As Salads announces at the start of the video, apparently over 40% of teens will give into peer pressure and smoke weed. In the case of the young male, he takes zero persuading and says yes straight away. Again, Salads comes out of the car and stops the entire thing.

Finally, another female friend- this time her dad sat in the car with Joey. As Sam talks to her friend about smoking a joint, the friend becomes highly defensive and calls out Sam for her actions. But with more persuasion, she eventually gives in... Much to the anger of her father.

Joey Salads

Ultimately the video is a great opportunity to think about what we would do in similar situations and understand the pressures we all face on a daily basis.

Want to see the whole video? Click play below.