We Answer The Internet’s Most Asked Questions About Jon Cozart

20 October 2017, 11:14 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 13:34

Jon Cozart Google

By Benedict Townsend

Why do so many people think he's British?

The internet has a lot of questions about roast-master general Jon Cozart. We decided to take the most commonly asked Google questions about Jon Cozart and answer them for ya:

Does Jon Cozart have any siblings?

Jon has two brothers and a sister.

Does Jon Cozart have a baby


Was Jon Cozart on Glee?

Jon auditioned to be on Glee, but did not actually appear on the show in the end.

What college did Jon Cozart go to?

Jon went to the University of Texas at Austin (go Longhorns!)

Where does Jon Cozart live?

Los Angeles, California.

How old is Jon Cozart?

In 2017, he is 25.

How much is Jon Cozart worth?

This kind of information is both very personal, and usually very hard to report correctly. We're going to dodge this one.

Is Jon Cozart British?

Nope! American as apple pie.

What is Jon Cozart's snapchat?

His snapchat is, shockingly, 'joncozart'

When is Jon Cozart's birthday?

26, 1992

What is Jon Cozart's middle name?

Jon's middle name is Charles.

What is Jon Cozart's Instagram?

Jon's Instagram username is 'joncozart'. You can visit it by clicking here.

Where is Jon Cozart from?

Jon is from Little Rock, Arkansas, in the USA.

Where can I find more Jon Cozart goodness?

We actually have a whole section of the our site dedicated to articles and quizzes about Jon. You can visit it by clicking here.