Josh Dun's Brother Has A YouTube Channel

24 July 2018, 15:13 | Updated: 25 July 2018, 16:56

Jordan and Josh Dun
Jordan and Josh Dun. Picture: Joe Scarnici/Getty Images for FIJI Water

By We The Unicorns

"I hope to share more of my life/passions but don't wish to exploit Josh. I love him 2 much for that"

Jordan Dun, brother of Josh Dun from Twenty One Pilots, has started a YouTube channel.

It might have passed some of the skeleton clique by but Jordan actually started his channel back in January of this year. But don't go expecting your usual prank or challenge video fodder, as Jordan is actually very handy when it comes to woodwork and he's decided to film in studio as his creations come to life.

Writing on his Twitter when he first posted a video in March, Jordan said: "People don't know that I really enjoy woodworking. I'm going to start posting videos of the work I do starting with this video of me making end grain cutting boards for my brother and parents. Took me 60 hours."

Well damn.

In his first video, Jordan decides to make cutting boards for his family for Christmas, and then shows the family (including Josh) receiving the presents on Xmas day. Cute!

We can barely make a sandwich so this is very impressive to us.

And if that's not cute enough, Jordan made another video making a food bowl stand for his dog (who's called Jim Dun)

Jim Dun is an icon in waiting.

Jordan has previously written about how being related to someone who is in the public eye brings can be a strange experience. Back in March, he wrote: "(Being vulnerable) I know I have a unique life, and Im still learning how to be related to celebrity. Ive gained a lot of attention for that. Whtvr reason you're here, thank you. I hope to share more of my life/passions but dont wish to exploit Josh. I love him 2 much for tht."

We think it's really cool that Jordan is sharing his passion with the world. You can follow what Jordan has been making on his Instagram profile here and on Facebook over here.