Is Justin Roberts a living meme?

18 October 2018, 17:08 | Updated: 18 October 2018, 17:11

Justin Roberts
Justin Roberts. Picture: Social Media

By Chandni Sembhi

Justin Roberts: Team 10 member, grandpa is the pope, six figures when he was only 4 years old, owns a car he can't drive, living meme.

Just this month, we've had some legendary memes: PewDiePie eating a child, Flashback Mary, that ain't it chief, and so many more. But the latest meme isn't really a 'thing', it's actually a person, by the name of Justin Roberts.

If you don't know who Justin Roberts is, allow me to explain. He's something of an enigma - a very interesting guy. He's one of the youngest members of Team 10 (at just 16 years old), he has an absolute BOP of a song called 'Six Figures', and he claims that his grandpa is the Pope (he isn't).

'But, how can one be a living meme?' I hear you ask. Well, Justin manages it. Everything he seems to do is meme-able. His tweets are Noah Centineo-levels of weird, his cameo in Shane Dawson's docu-series was even weirder, and his videos don't really make a whole lot of sense.

He's part of Team 10, and so by association, maybe someone that people won't like, but he's managed to transcend the reputation of Team 10 and become a wholesome figure on his own. Also, it definitely helps that 'Six Figures' is undeniably a banger.

If you're looking for a guide (through memes) to Justin Roberts, you're in the right place. Allow us to take you on a journey...

There's this absolutely riveting thought process

He's inspiring babies to talk!

He's in your mind all the time

We stan a lyrical genius!

His song is insanely catchy... It's a problem

He provides nice wholesome content

Imagine having that much clout

Look at this adorable photo of him!

He's the real reason YouTube was down

He is willing to share his origin story

You can bust some SICK MOVES to Six Figures

He's the perfect boyfriend

He has no issues promoting his personal brand

Do you feel like you know Justin Roberts better now? Or do you just have 'Six Figures' stuck in your head?