The reason LeafyIsHere disappeared has finally been revealed

26 October 2018, 13:48

LeafyIsHere / Keemstar
LeafyIsHere / Keemstar. Picture: YouTube

By Chandni Sembhi

Keemstar released his video with LeafyIsHere and the tea is PIPING HOT.

Drama YouTuber Keemstar has finally released his long-awaited Drama Alert episode featuring the elusive LeafyIsHere.

Leafy has been absent from YouTube and the internet for 10 months, and no one really knows what's happened to him. Somehow, Keemstar managed to track him down, and in an even stranger turn of events, Leafy agreed to do an interview with him. This is despite the two of them having major beef in the past, and Leafy having absolutely no activity since he dropped off the face of the internet.

Leafy said he quit YouTube mainly because he felt like it was 'getting worse and worse', and making videos every day can make you burn out. Monetisation issues were frustrating, amongst several other changes, so Leafy just quit with no explanation. He did have a formal goodbye video, but never uploaded it. Turns out, Leafy has been 'getting into stocks'. That's what he's been doing this whole time. Stocks. And bitcoin. But mainly stocks.

Although, he admitted that sometimes he'll watch a YouTube video about drama and wish he could voice his opinion. Keemstar did mention that YouTube as a whole is going in a direction that is very clean-cut and safe brand, and that as Leafy is the exact opposite, it might be refreshing for him to return. Especially as most of the other channels doing what Leafy did pretty much died after he left.

They said content on YouTube will probably shift more towards 'safe' and more family friendly videos in the future. Which seems like it's happening already.

On all of his controversies and various beefs, he's just said it's hard to be angry about that stuff now. But then Keemstar mentioned the beef between himself, Leafy, and another YouTuber, Grade A. Keemstar said they stabbed him in the back by making videos ripping him apart. Although they've all made peace now, Keemstar blamed the situation on Grade A and Leafy wanting money and success.

So that's that. The beef is settled, we know why Leafy left and what he's been doing, and now we can all get on with our lives!!!!