Leafyishere's disappearance will be explained in Keemstar's next video

24 October 2018, 15:52

Keemstar / Leafyishere
Keemstar / Leafyishere. Picture: YouTube

By Chandni Sembhi

Keemstar has released the trailer for his interview with Leafyishere.

For months now, the internet has been wondering where the YouTuber Leafyishere (Calvin Lee Vail) has been and now, int he plot twist of all plot twists, Keemstar appears to have found him, and is going to release a 'Drama Alert' episode on the controversial ex-YouTuber. Keemstar has just released the trailer, and it looks insane.

Keemstar has been claiming to have interviewed Leafy, who has been 'missing' for quite some time now. Leafy seemingly just dropped off the face of the internet with no goodbye. Despite various Reddit investigations, no one really knows what he's doing, where he is, or why he left.

The trailer makes it seem as though Keemstar is going to go down the 'Shane Dawson documentary' style, with dramatic music, dark shots, and a whole lot of suspense. It doesn't give much away about the interview, but instead is a little summary of what Leafy is like, with some hints as to why he may have left.

It's all very gripping.

This whole thing started when Keemstar claimed that himself and Leafy, along with YouTubers BillyTheFridge and Colossal is Crazy, had a chat, and that this would all be aired on 'Drama Alert' this week. Then shit hit the fan because WHAT THE HELL. No one even knows how or why they have Leafy's number, and people were wondering why Leafy and Keemstar would even talk, let alone appear on 'Drama Alert', as they've had so much beef over the years.

Whatever people thought about the whole situation, hype was building around this interview.

But the hype led to people harassing Keemstar, asking when the video would be released, even though he said it would be on Wednesday 24th at the earliest, and that he would release a trailer first.

Keemstar didn't enjoy the hounding, so he CANCELLED THE INTERVIEW.

This led some people to think there was no interview in the first place, and that Keemstar just wanted clicks, but most people were just SAD. Our fave docu-series legend Shane Dawson, was one of these people, and I guess Keemstar was so touched by his Tweet that he saved the interview! But he also warned people asking for the Leafy interview to be released early to shut up.

The actual video will be posted tomorrow (Thursday 25th October) evening, and we are hyped af to see that interview.