This Is How Much KSI And Logan Paul Earned For Their Boxing Match

28 August 2018, 15:58 | Updated: 28 August 2018, 15:59

Logan Paul KSI Boxing Match
Logan Paul KSI Boxing Match. Picture: Rex

By Woodrow Whyte

Clue: it's a lot of money.

We all knew Logan Paul and KSI were going to earn a lot of $$$ for their boxing match over the weekend, but the total amount the YouTubers have reportedly earned is actually unholy.

According to Business Insider, who have done the sums, KSI and Logan Paul might have made $11 million from the boxing match.That's $5.5 million each for knocking several shades of shit out of each other for an hour or so.

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The figure was based on estimates that 20,000 fans paid to attend the match, plus 770,000 who paid to watch the live stream on YouTube (which was £7.50/$9.68 per stream). This is on top of the money from a uCast stream of the fight, merch sales, ad revenue from pre-fight promo videos.

Congrats, I guess?


After all the overheads are taken into account (venue hire, staffing, training etc.) it's probably less than the 5.5 million figure, but they've both likely earned millions from the stunt.

And that's despite the estimated 1 million people who watched the fight via illegal streams on websites like Twitch. This could have topped up their payday by $10 million if all those people had paid individually, which is fairly unlikely imo.

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And the best news of all? KSI and Logan get to do it all again in February and earn EVEN MORE money. Yay.


Some people are pissed about the result, with many people claiming the result was fixed to be a draw so both could earn more money from a second match.

Two YouTubers continuing a beef for extra publicity and money? Surely not...