KSI Was Assaulted By A Random Guy And The Footage Is WILD

15 March 2018, 11:22

KSI attacked by a passerby
KSI attacked by a passerby. Picture: PA Images // YouTube

By Josh Lee

He tried it.

KSI was attacked while waiting to buy lunch during his recent trip to the US.

The YouTuber, who flew to the states to train with boxing legend Floyd Mayweather and meet with rival Logan Paul, was waiting for food at a branch of In'n'Out when an apparent fan ran up and sucker punched him - and it was all captured on film. However, the assailant was no match for KSI, who was able to fend off the worst of the attack.

“Normally when people come up to me they just want a photo or they want to just say hey, I’m a fan– all he did was [punch] me in the stomach. I was like what the fuck. What kinda fan are you?!” KSI said in a vlog post.

He added a warning to his fans: "“If you don’t take anything from this video, take this– 100% self defense is so important.”

Watch the moment KSI was attacked below: