Deji threatens to take legal action against KSI in new video

31 May 2019, 14:59 | Updated: 31 May 2019, 16:11

Deji and KSI
Deji and KSI. Picture: YouTube: Deji / Getty: Karwai Tang

By Rachel Finn

YouTuber Deji recently accused fellow YouTuber KSI of abuse and he’s now threatened legal action.

Last week, Deji accused his brother KSI of emotional and physical abuse and manipulation in a 45-minute video called ‘bye.’ and he’s now claiming he’s willing to take legal action against him.

It comes after KSI claimed in a now-deleted tweet that he was looking for dirt to dig up on his brother after the claims made against him, writing: “If you’ve ever been in contact with my bro and have a story to tell. Please DM me.”

KSI previously claimed on Twitter that he wouldn’t be replying to Deji’s allegations, but later backtracked, writing: “Ite, fuck this, I’m replying… Time to end this once and for all, I guess.”

KSI. Picture: Twitter: @KSIOlajidebt

Now, Deji has posted a new video called ‘gone too far’ where he claims he’s willing to take legal action against KSI, explaining: “I would much rather not do that but I would be forced to take legal action for defamation of character.”

“It’s just sad, it’s upsetting and it’s sad that he’s trying to destroy my livelihood from a video that I did where I stuck up for myself,” he says, adding that by his brother posting the tweet asking for stories about him: “You’re definitely going to get people who will lie about the situation just to make me look a lot worse.”

Deji ends the video by thanking fans for all their support since he came forward with the allegations and urges KSI to take responsibility for his actions.

After Deji posted his original video earlier this week, KSI’s subscriber count took a hit. In the few days following the video, according to SocialBlade, KSI lost a total of 82.6k subscribers, bringing his total subscriber count down to 20.1 million. Deji meanwhile gained 124.2k subscribers in the days after posting his video, bringing his current total subscriber count to 9.87 million.

KSI claimed he wasn't too bothered about losing subscribers at the time, tweeting: “I’ve been doing this YouTube thing for too long to care about shit like that. Subs don’t even matter anymore these days. The kid only talks to me publicly for self gain. So I just don’t care anymore.”

As of today (31st May), KSI has now lost a total of 103.5k subscribers since Deji made the allegations.