KSI just OWNED Piers Morgan on national television

18 July 2018, 10:37 | Updated: 18 July 2018, 15:07

By Josh Lee

The search for a hero to finally take down Piers Morgan appears to be over, after YouTuber KSI trounced him in a battle of social media might on today's "Good Morning Britain."

KSI and Piers Morgan battle it out on Good Morning Britain
KSI and Piers Morgan battle it out on Good Morning Britain. Picture: KSI // ITV

During an interview on the British breakfast news show, Piers pointed out that he had two million more Twitter followers than KSI. He then challenged the YouTuber - who's taking on Logan Paul in a boxing match next month - to find out who has the most Twitter clout by seeing who could get the most retweets on a tweet within one hour.

They both posted "I am the king of the internet" at 7:52am, but, sadly for Piers, after an hour KSI had over 4000 more retweets.

‘I always tell kids you’ve got to play to win, but if you do lose you have to be magnanimous,’ Piers said as he conceded defeat. He then tweeted a picture of himself and KSI and referred to both of them as "kings of the internet," which isn't really accepting defeat at all.