KSI loses THOUSANDS of subscribers following Deji abuse claims

28 May 2019, 14:30 | Updated: 28 May 2019, 15:51

KSI / Deji
KSI / Deji. Picture: Getty: Karwai Tang / YouTube: Deji

By Rachel Finn

"Subs don’t even matter anymore these days," KSI tweeted in response.

KSI has lost thousands of followers following the recent allegations of abuse made to him by his brother Deji.

The two YouTubers have collaborated on videos since 2012, but have fallen out after Deji posted a 45-minute video accusing KSI of emotional and physical abuse and manipulation over the past few years.

In the video, Deji accuses his brother of a number of times where he mistreated him, talking about how many of the challenges between them in their videos often involved pain, as well as calling him out for apparently kicking him out of their house, going behind his back with girls he had feelings for and for just generally not being there for him when it mattered.

"As I look at the previous years, it looks like my brother doesn't really support me," he explains. "The love we both have isn't reciprocal."

Since then, KSI’s subscriber count has taken a hit.

After the video was uploaded on Saturday (25th May), according to SocialBlade, KSI has lost a total of 82.6k subscribers, bringing his total subscriber count down to 20.1 million.

Deji meanwhile has gained 124.2k subscribers since posting his video, bringing his current total subscriber count to 9.87 million.

KSI has yet to respond with a video of his own, but he has posted a series of tweets about the incident, one including a screenshot of WhatsApp messages from his brother, including the sentence “Let’s keep everything off YouTube from now on” with the caption ‘lol’.

He’s also addressed his subscriber count and, apparently, he’s not too bothered, writing: “I’ve been doing this YouTube thing for too long to care about shit like that. Subs don’t even matter anymore these days. The kid only talks to me publicly for self gain. So I just don’t care anymore.”

But it looks like KSI might have more to say on the allegations. Today, KSI posted an update to Twitter in which he said “I’m replying”, so we might be getting a response video pretty soon.

Another day, another YouTuber drama...