Laura Lee Has Done ANOTHER Apology Video

26 September 2018, 14:39

Laura Lee has done ANOTHER apology video Lets Chat: 9-25-18
Laura Lee. Picture: YouTube: Laura Lee
Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend

If at first you don't succeed - cry, cry again

Laura Lee has returned to YouTube with yet another apology video, this time apologising for her previous apology video in which she badly apologised for a series of racist tweets that were unearthed.

Laura had taken a hiatus from YouTube but now says she's back because she missed her viewers and because she had probably consulted with management who had written a carefully worded apology script for her to try and temper the backlash wanted to clear the air.

This video feels a lot more prepared and professional than the last video, which was largely dominated by Laura trying - really trying - and failing to shed some tears of contrition.

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Laura apologises for 'playing the victim' in her previous apology video, which was widely derided as insincere and self-centred. She is keen to emphasise that she is not a victim in this situation. She also acknowledges that while some of the offensive tweets attributed to her were fake (and extremely racist!), some were also real - and she insists she has grown as a person since she posted them, and is very sorry for them.

But some fans were unsatisfied

The biggest point of contention seems to be that Laura refers to a lot of her offensive tweets as 'retweets', implying that she shared offensive tweets instead of authoring them herself.

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