Someone Hacked The Subtitles On Laura Lee's Apology Video And It's Shady As Hell

24 August 2018, 16:35

laura lee apology video subtitles hacked
Picture: YouTube: Laura Lee
Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend

Admit it, you laughed

The internet is nothing if not shady. Case in point, some enterprising person went onto Laura Lee's now infamous apology video and added a bunch of custom subtitles.

As you can probably guess, these subtitles weren't intended to aid a viewer watching without sound but instead were a creative way to mock Laura Lee and her... unique way of crying.

The subtitles have now, tragically, been taken down, either because Laura clocked on or because... you know, that's not actually what subtitles are for. Some people rely on subtitles to enjoy videos, come on guys. Luckily the magic was captured in a video that was filmed at a ninety degree right angle for some reason.



We don't know who added the subs but, whoever they are, they really don't seem to be happy with Laura Lee's apology. But then again, not many people are.