Still In School And Signed To Gleam - What Life Is Like For New YouTube Sensation Lewys Ball

17 October 2016, 14:18 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:21

We the Unicorns

By Hollie-Anne Brooks

Homework + fame = no big deal.

Lewys Ball is living every teenager's dream right now- the 17 year old is signed to the same management as Zoella, Louise Pentland and Alfie Deyes and his channel is growing at an awe-inspiring rate. Why? Well, Lewys is just one of those people who is naturally cool- effortless in his style, Lewys has carved out a name for himself in the beauty world by making makeup videos for, primarily, men - although eveyone of every gender can learn a trick or two from Lewys.

When we first met him back at Summer in the City 2016, we couldn't get over how smart and ahead of the game Lewys was- not to mention his sharp his cheekbones are! Lewys took part in the Fashion and Beauty panel at Summer In The City 2016, chaired by our Senior Editor Hollie, and proved just how diverse and exciting the future of YouTube is.

Lewys Ball


We recently caught up with him to chat about his new found fame and how he juggles YouTube with still attending school!

We The Unicorns: First off- what did your parents have to say when they found out you were on YouTube broadcasting to thousands of strangers?

Lewys: My parents didn't really understand fully what I did on YouTube or what it really was until a few months ago. They obviously had their worries that I was posting videos online for anyone to see but with YouTube becoming a bigger, more respected career and more people watching it, they started to understand it and have been fully supportive the whole time.


WTU: But they must have worried about how you'd juggle studying and school?

Lewys: I'm currently in Sixth Form studying English Lit, Theatre Studies and Philosophy & Ethics. It's hard, especially around exam times, but I just have to use my time wisely. I'll do any homework straight away to get that done and then use any other time I have to film and edit.

I still try and upload one or two times a week during school but sometimes I have loads of work and don't manage to get a video up. Most of my viewers are in school too and can understand that some weeks I'm just overloaded with work and a video might be a bit late.

Lewys Ball


WTU: You’re signed to the most well known YouTube management company in the world- how did that come about?

Lewys: A few months back I was contacted by Gleam as they had seen my videos and loved them. We had an initial chat and it all just sort of went from there! They basically help me make the best content I can, support me in making what I do a career and I'm super grateful to have them.


WTU: And what are the key skills you need to be a professional YouTuber?

Lewys: I definitely don't think you need to have any editing or filming skills to start off. When I started I filmed a one take on my phone and uploaded it straight away with no editing. As you continue to make videos you will learn more about producing and editing.

The number one thing (which isn't even a skill) is to just be yourself. Every YouTuber says this but it is true. Viewers can see when someone is pretending to be something they are not and it’s just so awkward to watch.

Lewys Ball


WTU: A recent poll showed most young people aspire to be YouTubers as a career- do you have any advice for them?

Lewys: It's great seeing so many young YouTubers producing content. If you want to keep a consistent audience the key is to have consistent uploads. I wouldn't recommend starting YouTube just to make money and to be famous as it should be about sharing something you're passionate about and being creative with it. When you’re just starting, a lot of it comes down to luck in terms of what videos get views and therefore subscribers!


WTU: Thanks, Lewys!


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