5 30something Lifestyle Vloggers You Need To Watch This Week

1 September 2015, 14:55 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:11

We the Unicorns

By Hollie-Anne Brooks

Age is just a number, right? So why is there a lack of 30something+ females conquering the vlogging world?

It's a debate which has swarmed the Twittersphere in recent months with blogger Hayley Carr from London Beauty Queen even going so far as to set up the 30 Plus Blog Collective to help promote the "under-represented" blogging community. Journalist Nicole Mowbray also picked up on the lack of 30something vloggers in September's edition of Red magazine; "Are You Vlogging Yet?" encouraged readers to "do it before other people do" as there's a "huge gap in women in vlogging aged 30 and over".

So are we really lacking lifestyle vloggers who know all about parenting/avoiding hangovers/how to make the perfect mojito? Or are they just not especially known about because - admit it - youth is power?

We've compiled a list of five beauty and lifestyle vloggers we love but actually found this list pretty hard to compose. Thanks to the 30 Plus Blog Collective, we're now reading a ton of blogs from those out of their 20s but there really isn't a huge amount of 30somethings taking to YouTube. Know of some? Tweet us at @WeTheUnicorns.

Not Another Mummy Vlog

Alison Perry is a magazine editor turned award-winning blogger turned YouTuber. Her chanel is a mix of parenting, interiors, style and travel which means there's basically something for everyone no matter what your age.


We've mentioned Ree before, and for good reason. Expert beauty knowledge + Ultimate Hair Envy mean you need her in your subs box.

Ruth Crilly

Veteran model and vlogger Ruth is probably already in your subscription box but we wanted to include her for those who may not have come across her beauty and lifestyle channel. New mum Ruth mixes vlogs with beauty chats, tutorials and advice.

Emily Hartridge 

Emily's deal is her "10 Reasons Why" videos which try to explain everything from sex and relationships to gender and fame in 10 hilariously presented reasons. With Emily being as beautiful as she is, she isn't shy to rather a lot of comments from male admirers on her videos and social media channels, they're well worth a look through for extra laughs.


American Tati is your go-to if you're utterly obsessed with beauty, uploading five times per week. Hauls, tutorials, vlogs and first impressions videos are Tati's style. Be prepared to want to spend a fortune at the beauty counter...