If You Like Dan And Phil You'll LOVE These Awesome YouTubers

4 February 2016, 17:11 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:13

We the Unicorns

By Benedict Townsend

Here's some other awesome creators!

There are a few iron-clad rules of this world of ours: gravity will pull us down, time will tick ever-forwards and the Phandom is the most powerful and fearsome group of people that have assembled in peacetime. But as much as you love Dan and Phil, life is only truly rich when it is filled with variety. After all, nothing makes you appreciate a new Phan video like having cleansed your palate with some other videos. It makes it seem fresh. To that end, here are some other YouTubers (some of them up-and-coming!) that we think Phans would love:


1. KickThePJ

Let's start with someone who is well-established on YouTube. PJ Liguori makes fun and highly inventive videos about all kinds of things. We're sure you'll get instantly immersed in his weird and wonderful world:



2. Nathan Zelalem

This guy is a rising star on YouTube. He combines fast-paced humour with intelligent social commentary to make videos which make are a delight to watch.



3. Chris Kendall (aka: Crabstickz)

You probably already know about Chris, but if you don't: you're in for a treat. Chris is arguably the funniest guy making videos on YouTube. He's also one of the most honest and introspective creators out there - and he throws a healthy (but hilarious) amount of shade on YouTube's ridiculous trends.



4. Savannah Brown

Both charming and refreshingly honest, you always get something worthwhile out of watching Savannah's videos.


5. Catrific

This may be a controversial choice for some, as some members of the Phandom don't like Cat (for a variety of supposed reasons). But regardless of this, Cat is a close friend of Dan and Phil and so her video-world will seem familiar to members of the Phandom.



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