Lil Tay Just Returned To Instagram With A Emotional Docuseries Trailer

10 July 2018, 17:13

Lil Tay's new docuseries
Lil Tay's new docuseries. Picture: Zeus TV

By Josh Lee

Lil' Tay is back on Instagram with a trailer for her docuseries, and it looks like it could be emotional.

9-year-old Lil' Tay recently caused alarm when she wiped her Instagram profile, leaving only an Instagram story with the words "help me" on an all-black background. Now, it appears as though it the clear out may have been to make room for this promotional video, which sees Lil' Tay enjoying the trappings of social media fame, while also facing up to the heat that comes from being the world's younger flexer, and trying to turn her persona into something more positive. Due out on July 13th on streaming service Zeus, the docuseries looks like it's going to pack a punch in a uniquely Lil' Tay way.

Watch the trailer for Lil' Tay's docuseries "Life With Lil' Tay" below: