Lil Tay Has "Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars" In Brand Deal Offers

23 May 2018, 16:58 | Updated: 5 June 2018, 10:44

Lil' Tay
Lil' Tay. Picture: Instagram

By Josh Lee

She rose to notoriety by pretending to be richer than you, and now it looks like Lil' Tay is about to be richer than you for real.

Following the emergence of leaked footage that appeared to show the nine-year-old viral star being fed lines during a video recording, Lil' Tay's content strategist Alex Loyalty spoke to The Blast to defend his young client. And apparently there's a lot more that goes into creating Lil' Tay than just screaming at the camera and throwing fake money on the floor.

"From the surface it’s easy for the average viewer, reader or observer to make the wrong assumptions about Lil Tay but what they fail to realize is that the independent artist Lil Tay can be compared to any other youth artist or entertainer in the entertainment industry,” Alex said.

“She’s able to have a greater influence over her content because she promotes herself within her own platform rather than have her exact natural persona written up in a script, hired by a talent agency and placed in a television show or movie.”

So is Lil' Tay really rich?

Accoring to Alex, her firebrand social media presence is about to pay off in a big way, and the young star has already “received hundreds of thousands of dollars in brand deal offers and even offers to appear in general youth entertainment.”

So who is looking after Lil' Tay?

Alex insisted that, despite appearing to be a parent-less miniature flexer, Lil' Tay is safeguarded. Referencing the recent fight between Woah Vicky and Bad Bhabie that Lil' Tay was present at, Alex claimed that she was “safe at all times and in the presence of guardians, security and support.”