Lilly Singh Had The Best Response To Being Asked If She’s Single

5 September 2016, 14:43 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:20

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

Lilly's standing up for the singletons!

According to Lilly Singh, one of the most influential young women on the Internet, she gets asked every 45 seconds if she's dating someone. And now, sick to death of hearing about it, she's finally ready to disclose why she's not in a relationship and why being single is the best thing for her life right now.

In addition to "commitment issues, trust issues, denial and insecurities" that are "minor things" to Lilly, she points out that she's not ready to be in a relationship for four reasons; the hustle, romance, pick up lines and shipping. Even though her video on the subject has received some major backlash, Lilly points out that this video is about HER life and HER choices, and is in no way representative of all men and women. You can check it out here, and we'll TL;DR her reasons below:

So, here's why Lilly is not in a relationship and why she wants to stay a Single Pringle right now:

  • The Hustle: "I will continuously pick my job over my relationship... Final Cut turns me on."
  • Romance: "I dislike romantic stuff and I'd rather have lice... I feel like a lot of romantic gestures are meaningless and empty."
  • Pick Up Lines: "Of course I like to be complimented, but within reason... I'm not one of those girls that need to be constantly validated by you."
  • Ships: "Y'all ship me with so many people my life could be the Titanic... People make ship names before they even meet each other."


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