Who Are Lisa And Lena? Everything You Need To Know

24 April 2017, 16:18 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:47

lisa and lena

By Hollie-Anne Brooks

Three words: 18 Million Subscribers!

German twins Lisa and Lena are taking over the Internet at a rapid pace thanks to their huge Musical.ly fanbase. The blonde duo from Stuttgart started out uploading lip syncing content in the summer of 2015 when they were just 13; and, at one point, were gaining over 30,000 subscribers per day.

In less than two years, Lisa and Lean have gone on to release their own clothing range and even won a Shorty Award. Not bad for 14, right?

lisa and lena

Lisa and Lena launched their clothing range in December 2016.

After a whirlwind 18 months, Lisa and Lena launched a range of merchandise called "Dream It & Do It", a Disney reference. Along with caps and bags, you can also purchase t-shirts, sweatshirts and wristbands all with the girls' favourite slogan on and in their signature pink and grey shades. And it's no wonder items sell out fast, Lisa and Lena have over 10.6 million fans on Instagram where they regularly promote new stock arriving into their shop.

Lisa and Lean have over 18 million fans on Musically!

A huge number to say the latest and even more than Jenna Marbles has on YouTube despite being on the platform for over a decade. So much is their influence that people are constantly uploading compilation videos of their best performances. Want to see what all the fuss is about? Press play on the video below:


Lisa and Lena also just won a Shorty Award!

If apparent Internet domination wasn't enough, the pair have just won a Shorty Award- the ceremony which celebrates "the best of social media". Alongside other noteable winners including Dodie Clark, Markiplier, Doug the Pug and Thomas Sanders, Lisa and Lena took home the award for Muser of the Year which celebrates the best Musical.ly talent.

lisa and lena

So, what's next?

Lisa and Lena currently have under 200,000 subscribers on their YouTube channel so it'll be interesting to see what they take to YouTube and what they keep on other social sites. Will they be as popular on YouTube? We'll have to wait and find out but it can often be difficult to make the transition of being huge on one media platform and emulating that success on another.