Liza Koshy Designed A New Insta Story Filter And This Is How You Get It

27 June 2018, 16:31 | Updated: 27 June 2018, 16:32

Liza Koshy
Liza Koshy. Picture: Various

By Josh Lee

There's a trick to accessing the new effect.

Liza Koshy has her very own Instagram Story filter, but if you want to use it yourself there's a catch.

Instagram have rolled out a slew of new features in the past few weeks, including video chat, topic channels, newly designed icons and of course IGTV. As well as the new functions, the app introduced three new filters to Instagram stories, designed by Baby Ariel, Ariana Grande, and Liza Koshy.

Based on her alter-ego Jet, Liza's new filter will give you Jet's trademark bushy brows and moustache. But only those who follow Liza on Instagram can post stories using the filter.

If you really don't want to follow Liza on Instagram, you can still try the filter when you see it on another person's story, but tapping "try it" under their username.