Logan Paul Breaks His Silence After 'Suicide Forest' Controversy

16 January 2018, 10:55 | Updated: 16 January 2018, 10:58

Logan Paul at LAX airport
Logan Paul at LAX airport. Picture: TMZ

By Josh Lee

Logan Paul has been "taking time to reflect" since the 'Suicide Forest' vlog controversy.

Logan Paul has broken his silence after his infamous 'Suicide Forest' vlog. He had been taking a break in the aftermath of the controversy.

Last week, YouTube removed Logan from their list of Preferred creators and cancelled his YouTube Red film, The Thinning: New World Order, after the YouTuber shared a footage of a suicide victim's body to YouTube in a vlog that received widespread condemnation.

Speaking to TMZ at LAX airport on January 15th, Logan said that he was "good," following the fallout from his video. When asked if he deserved a second chance, Logan said, "Everybody deserves second chances," but conceded that he had been treated "fairly" in the wake of the controversial vlog.

When asked if he had a message for the world, he teased that he would be saying something further "soon," but provided no more details.