Logan Paul's Dad Is "Suing" KSI's Little Brother

24 July 2018, 11:43 | Updated: 25 July 2018, 10:53

Greg Paul is reportedly suing KSI's brother Deji
Greg Paul is reportedly suing KSI's brother Deji. Picture: Various

By Josh Lee

UPDATE 25/07/2018:

Today, Jake and Logan Paul's father Greg Paul took to Instagram to deny that he was taking legal action against Deji, and accused the YouTuber of "lying for views."

"Deji put something out saying that I'm filing a law suit against him - I am not filing a lawsuit against Deji," Greg clarified on Instagram. "I did not say that, I did not print it anywhere," he said.

Original article: 24/07/2018

KSI's little brother Deji Olatunji has claimed that Jake and Logan Paul's father Greg Paul is suing him, after Greg was allegedly assaulted by one of the YouTuber's fans at last week's Logan Paul vs KSI pre-fight press conference.

The press-conference, which was held in London and serves as a precursor to Logan and Jake Paul taking on KSI and Deji in the ring on August 25th, descended into chaos after fans flooded the back exit, trapping reports, YouTubers and Greg Paul inside the parking lot. It was after the press conference that the alleged assault took place.

"Greg Paul got assaulted by a fan during our press conference," Deji said in a video discussing the alleged lawsuit, "and he's trying to look to blame someone, so he's come to blame me fore apparently telling my fans to assault him."

But despite the alleged legal action, Deji seems confident that it will amount to nothing: "You can come and sue me, you'll just be wasting your money... you won't win this case."

Watch Deji discuss Greg Paul's lawsuit below: