Logan Paul Is Making A Documentary About The Fall Out From His "Suicide Forest" Stunt

9 July 2018, 11:44

Logan Paul
Logan Paul. Picture: Other

By Josh Lee

It's been quite a year for the YouTuber

Logan Paul has revealed he's making a documentary about "everything that's happened this year," including his controversial "suicide forest" stunt, the YouTuber revealed in a vlog last week.

January saw Logan Paul dominate headlines around the world after he shared footage of a suicide victim's body to his millions of YouTube subscribers. The subsequent backlash and fall-out led to Logan taking time away from social media, losing his preferred Ad partnership with Google, and having an upcoming YouTube Red film postponed.

Now, Logan plans to reopen old wounds with a new documentary, exploring "everything that went down" with the fall-out from his perspective. The documentary, which is in filming but has no release date, will also explore other important moments from 2018 - presumably including the lead up to his fight with KSI.